September 1, 2016

2016 World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program

WPC ScholarshipThe World Plumbing Council (WPC) Chairman, Mr. Sudhakaran Nair has officially launched the WPC Education and Training Scholarship Program for 2016.

The World Plumbing Council offer two scholarship opportunities, one for applicants from Developed countries and another for Developing or Least Developed countries.

All members of the plumbing industry are invited to apply for these industry scholarship programs. Each of the scholarships provides up to US$10,000 in funding to cover approved expenses for the duration of the program.

The scholarships are intended to provide for an educational exchange between countries focusing on plumbing industry training, while at the same time exposing the participants to new technologies and innovations in training systems. They also provide an opportunity to increase awareness of the contribution that plumbing has made to global health and the environment. Participants have an opportunity to gain knowledge of the industry, technology, training and systems which can be applied to improve standards in their own countries.

The program also enables participants to experience the culture, language and work practices of other countries and provides a platform for networking and relationship building.

Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, Chair of the WPC said “From my observations these scholarships have the potential to deliver life changing opportunities for applicants in gaining invaluable skills and knowledge of plumbing practices from around the world.”He also stated that “the scholarship program now offered by the World Plumbing Council was a significant step towards achieving its mission, to promote the role of plumbing in improving public health and safeguarding the environment, by uniting the World Plumbing Industry for the benefit of all.”

Scholarship applicants are encouraged to focus on these areas during their scholarship program;

  •  Identification of emerging vocational training needs and trends
  •  Plumbing training & education to address the environment and sustainability issues
  •  The value of water efficiency to the community and the plumbing industry
  •  How does plumbing training or lack of training affect public health in a country or region?

Applications close on the 22nd September 2016 and the WPC would like to encourage candidates from all areas of the global Plumbing Industry to apply.

Please visit the WPC website to see the reports of previous recipients.

Scholarship Application Forms

Education and Training Scholarship

Least Developed and Developing Countries Scholarship