World Plumbing Day Twitter Challenge


It is just over a month to World Plumbing Day, March 11, every year, everywhere, and we want all our Members and their Members and staff on board supporting this day around the World. A great way of doing this is to get involved with Twitter, and let’s see how many followers we can build for World Plumbing Day between now and March 11!

The challenge is to build our followers to over 2000 plus currently at about 1600.

How can we meet the Challenge?

With the help of Member organisations, their staff and individuals we should be able to significantly increase  the number of followers we have and exceed our target. Our Twitter name is: @WPlumbingDay

1.             We ask all Members to put a link on their website home page and in any electronic newsletter that you might be sending out leading up to World Plumbing Day:!/@WPlumbingDay

2.             WPC Members already using twitter we would love to see you post regular “Tweets”
about World Plumbing Day over the next few weeks.

3.             We would ask each Member organization to get their staff on board, and to let
their own members know of the Challenge and to promote World Plumbing Day and
our twitter feed.

4.            Follow other plumbing related twitter feeds, some will automatically reciprocate
creating more followers.

Develop a list of sample tweets.
1)   Find an influential person (for example, someone from HGTV) who has strong industry ties and some followers on twitter and ask them to post a some tweets on World Plumbing Day and encourage their followers to follow World Plumbing Day.

2)   Once the number of followers starts to build, develop some sort of twitter promotion to get followers talking about World Plumbing Day on twitter, so that their followers start to hear/see more about it.

3)   As special events (large or small) start happening around the world, they should all be mentioned on twitter.  Sometimes unique things will help generate followers and conversation faster – as long as they are not inappropriate.

Tips for posting on twitter:
1)   Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation, so you have to be brief.

2)   You can include links to web sites, but it’s a good idea to keep the link short (eg.,through< <> > or other sites).

3)   If posting a tweet about World Plumbing Day on another twitter
feed, please include: @WPlumbingDay

4)   This will allow readers to “Click” on the twitter name and go directly to the World Plumbing Day twitter page.  And when there is room, consider also including

Hashtags are another way to build traffic.
1)   People will often search twitter using these tools. For example, if you want to see recent tweets about “plumbing” then type in #plumbing in the search box at the top.  Similarly to have tweets about plumbing found by people interested in the subject, include #plumbing in the tweet.  If you are using the word plumbing in the body of the tweet:  i.e. Help celebrate
World Plumbing Day… then just put the “#” before the world plumbing. Like this: Help celebrate World #Plumbing Day. If the word plumbing is not in the body of the tweet, then at the end of the tweet, add: #plumbing @WPlumbingDay. You might also want to add #plumber or other hashtags.

2)   Last year, some folks coined the phrase “Hug a Plumber”.
We could, for example, encourage people to post: Hug a #plumber on World Plumbing Day, March 11th @WPlumbingDay < <>

A special thanks to Elizabeth McCullough, General Manager, Tradeshows at the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating for her assistance in managing the World Plumbing Day Twitter Challenge together.

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) have created a 30 second video featuring World Plumbing Day check it out:

This video was created by Elizabeth McCuIlough about World Plumbing Day – for free – on a website called Animoto.  WPC encourages other Members to make their own videos on World Plumbing Day.  You can make a video of up to 30 seconds long for free – animoto templates include the design and music, you just add photos and text.

Give it a go for World Plumbing Day 2014, March 11, Every Year, Everywhere!