January 4, 2023

BPEC – Instilling Pride Through Achievement 

While 2022 saw the 30th anniversary, the BPEC team worked through the year to define how the organisation will operate on the next stage of our journey.

Neil Collishaw, BPEC’s CEO said “With a clear focus on customers and quality, our new Pillars, Vision and Mission are all statements of intention, that we will deliver against on a daily basis.”

We have taken into consideration all our stakeholders’ values and as, importantly, every member of the BPEC team contributed to the development process, so there are personal values in here, that have translated perfectly to business values.

There are no short-cuts.  Whether it is a centre joining our network through gaining approval, a competition participant or a BPEC certificate holder, we know that it takes hard work to achieve that status.  This should be celebrated, so we’re encouraging individuals to do just that, by posting photos and stories on social media using #pridethroughachievement.  

The BPEC Pillars outline the core values and standards of BPEC.

The Vision is what BPEC strives to be.

The Mission is why BPEC exists. 

The BPEC Pillars – Our Company Values

  • Partnering with a dependable network, building trustworthy relationships
  • Insistent on honesty and integrity, improving lives through our charitable activities
  • Leading by example, never compromising on quality, taking a responsible, and consistent approach
  • Listening to colleagues and empowering, providing support and having mutual respect
  • Always supporting our customers and stakeholders
  • Remaining focused on the skills, training, and assessment needs of the industry
  • Seeking to work with those who share BPEC’s principles

The BPEC Vision

To be the UK’s most trusted and supportive:

  • awarding and end-point assessment organisation,
  • certification body,
  • supplier of quality training materials and resources,
  • charity.     

For the industry we serve – instilling pride through achievement.

The BPEC Mission

To identify and meet the skills needs for the future by providing employer driven, high-quality assessments, qualifications and learning materials.

For more information email info@bpec.org.uk or call 01332 376000.