About BPEC

BPEC is an industry leading specialised provider of qualifications, assessments, training courses and learning materials,  working closely with a UK wide network of colleges, private training centres and industry stakeholders. BPEC is dedicated to providing education and lifelong learning to those who work in the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector.

BPEC is a unique organisation led by employers for the benefit of the sector and all surplus funds generated by our activities are re-invested by The BPEC Charity. The focus of the charity’s work is to raise the knowledge and skills of those who work in the sector as well as providing opportunities for financial support to individuals and groups via a number of awards.

Our aim is to identify and meet the skills needs for the future by providing employer driven, high-quality assessments, qualifications and learning materials; we want to be a key part of students ‘Pride Through Achievement’ experience.

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Certification Body (CB)

Originally established in 1997, BPEC Certification Ltd oversees the competence assessment of individuals working in the gas industry. Accreditation has been gained from United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as a Certification Body for the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS) alongside the Oil Firing Technical Association for the Petroleum Industry Certification Scheme (OFTEC). As a leading Certification Body, BPEC has a specific focus upon providing high levels of quality and customer service.

Awarding Organisation (AO)

The Awarding Organisation – regulated by Ofqual – lists vocational plumbing, gas and renewable qualifications on their register of regulated qualifications.

Training Courses and Learning Materials

BPEC is a leading developer of training courses and learning materials covering GasPlumbing, Electrical and Renewable Technologies. Our learning materials range from technical training packs for Domestic Gas Safety and Water Regulations to Renewable Technologies such as Solar Thermal Hot Water and Heat Pumps. BPEC is dedicated to promoting education and lifelong learning and seeks to encourage individuals to undertake further training to continuously update their skills, both for personal development and to keep abreast of industry’s technological advances and regulatory requirements.

The BPEC Charity

The BPEC Charity is committed to identifying the education and training needs of those who work in the plumbing and heating industry and develop innovative solutions to address their needs. BPEC achieve this by supporting a number of awards to recognise and develop the knowledge and skills of those working in our industry and to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves, the production of safety awareness materials, regional and national plumbing skills competitions with the opportunity for winners to go on to the WorldSkills competition. All funding is raised internally, we never ask for donations.

The BPEC Pillars – Our Company Values

  • Partnering with a dependable network, building trustworthy relationships
  • Insistent on honesty and integrity, improving lives through our charitable activities
  • Leading by example, never compromising on quality, taking a responsible, and consistent approach
  • Listening to colleagues and empowering, providing support and having mutual respect
  • Always supporting our customers and stakeholders
  • Remaining focused on the skills, training, and assessment needs of the industry
  • Seeking to work with those who share BPEC’s principles

The BPEC Vision

To be the UK’s most trusted and supportive:

  • Awarding and end-point assessment organisation
  • Certification body
  • Supplier of quality training materials and resources
  • Charity

For the industry we serve – instilling Pride Through Achievement.

The BPEC Mission

To identify and meet the skills needs for the future by providing employer driven, high-quality assessments, qualifications and learning materials.

For more information email info@bpec.org.uk or call 01332 376000.