Diploma in Smart Metering (Level 2 Dual Fuel)

Qualification Title

BPEC Level 2 Diploma in Smart Metering – Dual Fuel

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Support Information

Dual Fuel Purpose Statement

Dual Fuel Letter of Support – EU Skills

Assessment Information

This Smart Metering qualification is a nationally recognised qualification developed in consultation with Energy and Utility Skills and the National Skills Academy for Power.

Unit Details

Depending on which qualification is chosen, the learner will need to complete some or all of the following units:

Core Units

  • F/508/0970 Working Safely in the Energy and Utilities sector
  • T/508/1050 Working Practices in the Energy and Utilities sector
  • A/508/1051 Using and Communicating Technical Information in the Energy and Utilities sector
  • F/508/1052 Delivering Customer Service When Working Within the Energy and Utilities sector
  • L/508/1023 Install and Commission Communication Systems for Smart Meters

Gas Units

  • L/508/1054 Applied Practices and Principles for Installing Low Pressure Natural Gas Smart Meters up to U6 only
  • K/508/1076 Prepare, Install and Commission Low Pressure Natural Gas Smart Meter and Regulator up to 6.0m3/hr
  • M/508/1077 Low Pressure Gas Smart Meter Tightness Testing and Direct Purging

Power Units

  • T/508/1078 Install Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment (New Connection)
  • K/508/1403 Change Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment

Optional Power Units

  • H/508/1422 Install Multi Phase Meter  Whole Current  New Connection
  • H/508/1402 Change Multi Phase Meter  Whole Current
  • A/508/1339 Install Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment on Multi-phase Cut-out New Connection
  • A/508/1325 Change Single Phase Meter and Associated Equipment on Multi-phase Cut-outs
Further Information

Assessments consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations. On completion, BPEC Certification Ltd will upload the learners’ assessment results for the dual fuel qualification to the Gas Safe Register.

Expiry Information

For the purpose of Gas Safe registration the units relating to gas safety are normally valid for 5 years.

On expiry, candidates are eligible to take re-assessment. The re-assessment can be taken up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of the initial qualification without losing out (MOT Style). Previous certificates must be presented to the assessment centre as evidence of holding the initial qualification.

Useful Information

Qualification Guide

DECC Smart Meters Leaflet

Smart Energy UK

Ofgem Smart Metering

Energy Savings Trust – Smart Meters

Training Materials

Training materials are available from a number of sources.

BPEC Services Ltd training materials


For UK funding info visit Learning Aim Reference Service Qualification Funding Information

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Career Opportunities

To work within the energy sector installing and exchanging domestic gas and electric meters.

Industry Recognition

Recognised within the Energy Sector.

Assessment centres wishing to deliver the Level 2 Smart Metering qualifications should contact AOadmin@bpec.org.uk


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