January 29, 2014

Gambia very hot and sunny

2013 Life Award

21st January 2014

0141868b6f1c18aaaa32e5368a7411c6dba670c7aeGatwick cold and foggy – we begin our adventure to Bansang Hospital.

The team consists of Dave Pollard, Mark Antrobus and Watson Carlill. Watson and Mark were told off for joining wrong queue. The queue they attempted to join was only for people that have spent £10,000/annum with Monarch.

The flight was delayed on tarmac for 40 minutes.

Flight over Sahara Desert had interminable vast tracts of unmarked sand.

We arrived at Banjul airport on time despite 40 minute take off delay. All three of us were pulled aside by customs because of the taps and shower fittings in our luggage. At the mere mention of ‘Bansang Hospital’ and ‘Anita’ we are released with smiles and gratitude to press through to meet Anita in arrivals.

We all rode in the new hospital vehicle – the hospital had sold off 27 years’ worth of scrap and bought a new (second hand) 4 wheel drive car.

Gambia very hot (32 C) and sunny.

We spent our first night at Luigi’s which is just 20 yards from the beach. Dinner was had with Anita and Paul & Vanessa, who have built a database for the hospital pharmacy.

The following morning was due to be an early start as we were scheduled to meet the Honourable Minister for Health Omar Sey, before travelling 6 hours to Bansang Hospital.