January 15, 2016

“Our final day – key highlights”

IMG_0135“It took a while to get used to the time difference in The Gambia. We experienced ‘Gambian Maybe Time’ on several occasions during our stay – “we leave at 9.30am prompt” – actually means 11.03 – we WILL come back a lot more patient!!!!

We were given the VIP treatment in the purpose built directors box at the local football match. The Bansang local team are the proud champions of the local league.

Mark gave blood again during this visit. The need is very high and his donated blood was being used to help a mother of newly born twins recover in less than an hour it was taken from both his arms.

Mark and I had a taxi ride with a difference. As with all the local people the taxi driver was extremely welcoming and made a big impression in a short time.

IMG_0245During our stay at Bansang we were expecting to have to deal with mosquito’s, flies, spiders and other creepy crawlies. However we were not expecting to share rooms with other animals at our hotel at the coast. I had the delight of sharing my bedroom with two Deco’s (HUGE lizards) and when I queried this at reception I was just told they are in all the rooms, guest don’t normally see them and it’s actually a benefit as they eat the mozzies. After the initial concern went away, I decided to adopt them and have named them George and Watson.

We have really enjoyed our brief visit to The Gambia and have achieved a lot in a relatively short time. It was great to be part of a superb team – the group photo shows us altogether saying our farewells outside Anita’s house.”