January 31, 2014

The men worked willingly right through lunch

Thursday 8th January

I woke early to pray for help, I walked to the top of the hill, and prayed again for help, knowing I can stay another 2 days max.

Though without the mixer we would never get the base complete, or a good mix either.

I took another look at the wires, and wired it differently, I pulled on the cord and the mixer went first time!

Praise the Lord, I quickly descend the hill and tell the people of the good news, I then split the people into 3 teams.

One team taking care of the shells, another to clear out a well to install a hand pump, and the other to mix and pour concrete.

The mix began, and it was a real blessing to see the concrete being poured into its casing. There was a lot of it needed and the men worked willingly right through lunch without stopping. I soon realize that we will need to split 1 half of the base into 3 sections, due to the amount of concrete needed for each section. A board is nailed in place and the supports put in, and we finish off around 4:30pm and take a well-earned late lunch.

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