Monthly Archives: February 2014

Thank you BPEC on behalf of Bansang Hospital

The Principle Nursing Officer, doubling as Administrator, Wandifa Samateh has written a short report documenting the progression of the Bansang Hospital. Background information: Bansang Hospital is the oldest and the second largest hospital in the Gambia. The Hospital was built in 1938 during the colonial period to serve the rural population who are also considered […]

An interesting week to say the least!

Life Award 2013 28th January 2014 We spend the morning advising the owners of Luigi’s on how to use their solar thermal systems to supply their hot water and to heat the swimming pool! After advising the hospital it feels somewhat embarrassing. We are taken to the airport and the shuttle bus driver calls over […]

BPEC Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation

BPEC are pleased to announce that their Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation (601/2514/7) has been approved and is ready for centres to deliver. BPEC can now provide a suitable pathway from Level 1 to Level 3 for learners intending to work in the plumbing industry. As with the BPEC existing Level 2 and Level […]

It may not be some people’s idea of ‘paradise’

Life Award 2013 27th January 2014 Final breakfast overlooking the river – sunrise is fantastic. Stroll up to the hospital chatting to locals all the way. Review meeting with Baba Jeng – Watson led the feedback on what we had found and what we recommended. Mark followed with a description of what we found in […]

Everyone wants to meet us

Life Award 2013 26th January 2014 A much enjoyed lie-in this morning, breakfast at 8.30am (actually 9.10am in Gambia time). Anita came to collect us in the trucks after we had peanut rice for breakfast. We went to buy rice and glucose food and milk for the family we are going to see today. We […]

Something better was achieved

Friday 9th January I begin the morning by bringing up the much needed shells from the jetty to the site, the rest of the sand from the store, and some remaining stone. The next section of the tank base is completed after lunch, which leaves a small section of the first half of the large […]

This is a course of frustration

Life Award 2013 25th January 2014 We return to the hospital and me (Dave) and Watson visit other parts of the hospital plumbing systems and find more jobs completed with unsuitable fittings as the right materials are unavailable. Mark identifies that many electrical jobs cannot be done properly due to lack of materials and tools […]

Putting it into practice is easier said than done

Life Award 2013 24th January 2014 Outside the hospital are market traders selling food stuffs to the patient escorts, the mothers, wife etc. of patients. Watson and I (Dave) spend the morning with three plumbers from the maintenance team. We visit the children’s unit and see the ‘new showers’ (fitted under a separate grant) but […]

Mally Butters of BPEC named CO-Gas Safety Ambassador

Mally Butters, Operations Manager at BPEC, has received a very special accolade in recognition of his work in helping to promote the dangers of carbon monoxide. CO-Gas Safety, an independent registered charity that warns of the dangers of the toxic gas, has named Mally a charity Ambassador, for his role in developing better training for […]

Lunch brought a respite from the heat

Life Award 2013 23rd January 2014 Woken by the sun and dawn chorus. We have breakfast on the veranda over the river, accompanied by the voices of locals pulling the chain which works the ferry across the river. We are collected and taken to the hospital to meet all of the principal officers and the […]

Call for public warnings as carbon monoxide death toll grows

A leading charity is calling for the introduction of public health warnings about deadly carbon monoxide (CO), as new figures reveals over 650 people have died and thousands more have been injured by the toxic gas. CO is an odourless gas which can be emitted from the burning of any carbon based fuel; including gas, […]