Monthly Archives: June 2014

WPC Scholarship Program Applications Close 31 July

Applications Close July 31, 2014 for the World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program offering up to US$20,000.00 The WPC Scholarship program provides the opportunity to live and work within the culture of another country, providing the chance to learn another language and develop friendships. Successful applicants are encouraged to focus on the following areas during their […]

The Increasing Importance of the Plumbing Profession

The World Health Organization has declared plumbers the most important front line health workers around the globe. Most people know from seeing the basins, taps and toilets that of what they are seeing, much of the work is behind the scenes. This “hidden” work meets the essential requirements of our daily lives especially when living […]

BPEC Part L Energy Efficiency

BPEC have recently updated their Part L Energy Efficiency training and assessments in-line with recent updates to Part L of the building regulations. The updated training and assessment documentation is now available to Part L approved BPEC centres via the centre zone of the BPEC website. If you are interested in becoming approved by BPEC for […]

New Appointments at BPEC

BPEC are delighted to announce a number of key appointments that will continue to strengthen the BPEC team and the services offered to its customers. In June Dave Massey joins BPEC’s Awarding Organisation as Development Manager to help drive forward the growth in the qualifications offered by BPEC. June has also seen the appointment of […]

BPEC update Domestic Ventilation manual and assessments

BPEC have recently updated their Domestic Ventilation manual and assessments following consultation with a group of the major UK ventilation manufacturers; all members of BEAMA or the RVA, who work closely together as a joint training group to monitor and review the effectiveness of the BPEC Ventilation Training Manual and assessments. This move also reflects […]

2014 World Plumbing Council Scholarship Program offers up to US$20,000.00

The World Plumbing Council Chairman, Mr. Sudhakaran Nair has launched the WPC Education and Training Scholarship Program for 2014. He announced that, “2014 is the first year that two scholarship opportunities have been offered by the World Plumbing Council”, Mr. Nair said “The Scholarships provide an opportunity to increase global awareness of the contribution that […]