Monthly Archives: November 2016

Gareth Jones named SkillPLUMB 2016 UK champion

The SkillPLUMB competition 2016 has named 22 year old Gareth Jones from Hyfforddiant Ceredigion Training and D B Lewis & Son, UK champion after excelling in an intensive three-day practical exercise at the Birmingham NEC Skills Show. Closely watched by judges and over 75,000 visitors to the show, Gareth and his fellow finalists had to […]

Notice for BPEC Centres: Meter Foundation Rationale Update

Could all BPEC centres please re-download the AW2 assessment and Rationale – assessment AW2 question 22 has been amended to give the correct answer of 450mm instead of 375mm (see below). Copper pipework run outside from a house to a barbecue where the pipe route passes under the driveway to the garage shall have cover of: […]

BPEC awards Richard Steward £1000

BPEC awarded Richard Steward, a plumbing tutor from Suffolk College, £1000 towards a project in an Eastern European country. A group of 35 volunteers travelled to Moldova to transform a village school. They went as part of TEECH (Telecoms Eastern European Challenge), a charity started by BT employees. The volunteers had just eight days to build four […]

ETA – November 2016 Update

The team at ETA have been working incredibly hard on the new centre and the change has been unbelievable to see. Images are being uploaded to our Facebook regularly – to see the changes, please visit our page. The centre is in a great location and will open in early 2017 when there will be an opening day […]

Notice for BPEC Centres: Unvented Re-assessment

BPEC have received a number of candidate result sheets for Unvented Re-assessment including a validation sticker. Please be aware that the manual and validation sticker are not required for reassessment – this is charged to the centre retrospectively per candidate at £27.50. In some cases, the manual may be required by the candidates which we […]

Notice for BPEC Centres: CO Gas Safety Awareness Changes

BPEC have recently made some changes to the CO Gas Safety Awareness course material: CO Reference Guide Nov 16 CO Workshop speaker notes Nov 16 Effects of CO on the body Short film of Sue Westwood (Suffered CO poisoning) Training evaluation form Centres offering the CO Awareness course could you please re-download the above material […]

10 out of 10 for the Grundfos Ecademy

Here is a quick guide to the Grundfos Ecademy – a free digital training tool and information platform: What is the Grundfos Ecademy? An internet based learning tool that it designed to improve knowledge on pumps, applications and their theory. What is its purpose? The Grundfos Ecademy is a digital training and information platform that […]