January 13, 2016

“Fast food outlets are quite different in The Gambia”

IMG_0193“KFC Gambia style – fast food outlets are quite different in The Gambia – they tend to cut out the middle man. We have seen many locals bringing home the still live chicken ready for their evening meal.

The Road to Paradise – Mark informs me that some improvements have been made since they visited last time. This basically means we get cold water most of the day and electricity comes on for a bit in the night – memories of nights away at the premier inn now feel like 5 star luxury.

We have had some wonderful meals at Anita’s house in the evening (thanks to Jeannette & Sarah’s brilliant cooking skills). However yesterday we were surprised and dazzled by Mark’s culinary expertise as he prepared and served a lovely fruit salad with a twist (added yoghurt) – watch out Janet, Mark may need some work space in the kitchen on our return.”