This information is aimed at our learners/candidates enrolled on or have taken a BPEC Certification Ltd. approved assessment, qualification or unit. It sets out the process to follow when submitting appeals to us and the process we will follow when responding to enquiries and appeals.

It is also for use by our staff to ensure they deal with all appeals in a consistent manner.

Centre’s Responsibility

It’s important that staff involved in the management, assessment and quality assurance of our qualifications and the learners are aware of the contents of the policy.

In addition, centres must have internal appeal arrangements which learners/candidates can access if they wish to appeal against a decision/recommendation made by the centre. If an individual wishes to appeal against a decision/recommendation made by a centre, they must first of all go through the centre’s appeals process before bringing the matter to BPEC Certification Ltd.


We will not charge learners/candidates a fee to cover the administrative and personnel costs involved in dealing with successful appeals.

Areas covered by the policy

This policy covers:

  • Appeals from learners and/or centres in relation to an assessment decision on the basis that we did not apply procedures consistently or that procedures were not followed properly and fairly
  • Appeals if you believe we have not applied our procedures consistently or that procedures were not followed properly, consistently and fairly.

Process for raising an appeal

Learners/candidates have 20 working days from the date we notified you of the decision you are appealing against in which to lodge an appeal against our decision.

Learners/candidates who wish to appeal about their assessment results or about a related decision should have exhausted their centre’s own appeals process before appealing to us. It’s expected that learners will only appeal directly to us in exceptional circumstances.

When submitting an appeal please provide relevant supporting information such as the following where relevant:

  • Learner/candidates name, address and NI number
  • date(s) the learner/candidate received notification of BPEC Certification Ltd.’s decision
  • title and number of the BPEC Certification Ltd. qualification affected or nature of service affected (if appropriate)
  • full nature of the appeal contents and outcome of any investigation carried out by you relating to the issue

Initial review of the appeal details

Upon receipt of all appeals, our Certification Manager will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 2 working days and aim to respond fully to the initial review of the potential appeal within 20 working days.  Please note that in some cases the review processes may take longer, for example, if a centre visit is required. In such instances, we’ll contact all parties concerned to inform them of the likely revised timescale.

The first stage will be for us to undertake an initial, informal assessment of all potential appeals to ensure the application is complete and to ascertain if the issue can be resolved before it goes to a formal appeal. In all instances we will ensure that the person carrying out this initial check will not have a personal interest in the decision being appealed.

Following the initial review of the potential appeal we will write to the appellant with details of our decision to either:

  1. amend our original decision in light of the new rationale/evidence being put forward and which has now been reviewed
  2. to confirm we stand by our original decision and in doing so the rationale for this decisions and request that you confirm, within 5 working days, whether you now accept this decision or if wish to formally proceed to our formal appeals process which will be carried out by an independent party.

Seeking an independent review

If you decided to proceed to the independent appeal stage, we will arrange for an independent review to be carried out.  This will be carried out by an Appeals Committee that will review all the evidence which took place in the above stages and review if we’ve applied our procedures fairly, appropriately and consistently in line with our policy.

The independent review process may involve:

  • a discussion with the appellant or the learner and BPEC Certification Ltd personnel
  • a request for further information from the appellant, the learner or BPEC Certification Ltd personnel
  • a centre visit by authorised BPEC Certification Ltd personnel.

The Appeals Committee decision is final in relation to how BPEC Certification Ltd. will consider such appeals and we’ll let you know the outcome of the review within 10 working days.  If the centre/learner is still unhappy with the outcome at this stage they are entitled to raise the matter with the relevant qualification regulator (e.g. OFQUAL/UKAS).

Successful appeals

In situations where an appeal has been successful, BPEC Certification Ltd will give due consideration to the outcome and will as appropriate take actions such as:

  • identify any other learners who have been affected, correct or, where it cannot be corrected, mitigate as far as possible the effect of the failure (e.g. and amend the results for the learner(s) affected following an appropriate investigation)
  • review our associated processes and policies to ensure that the ‘failure’ does not occur again or mitigate the situation as far as possible if the failure that occurred cannot be corrected

We will also co-operate with any follow-up investigations required by regulatory bodies and if appropriate agree any remedial action with them.

Contact us

If you have any queries about the contents of the policy, please contact our Certification Manager at BPEC Certification Ltd, 1-2 Mallard Way, Derby, DE24 8GX