November 21, 2014

No longer are patients subjected to the awful stench

Life Award 2013

November 2014

Anita has just recently returned from Bansang. She is delighted to report that the Female Ward is smelling ‘so sweet, no longer are patients subjected to the awful stench that got right under your skin, not to mention up your nose’!  Congratulations go out to the team for their excellent work, as you can see from the photos below it is looking rather splendid. The orderlies are so proud of their toilets that they never come out, they are always cleaning and polishing the tiles.

The washroom for outpatients is now under construction, hoping for completion by the end of this month.

The only outstanding project is the Eye Unit, this will be started next week, the existing sinks are being salvaged and the showers re-tiled etc. A full report will be sent by Wandifa Samateh who is the Principle Nursing Officer on completion.

“A sincere thank you for making all of these vital projects possible. The hospital is the talk of the town, thanks to you all at BPEC”.

Difficult times are ahead. Due to the Ebola crisis tourists are staying well away from The Gambia despite the fact that they are over 1000 miles away from Sierra Leone. Hotels/restaurants are closing down – it will take a long time to recover. Add to that, the rain’s arriving 2 months too late and a very poor harvest. The hospitals couscous crop is the one exception…that’s good.

The team are now eager to build their new Maintenance Store, the decision has been made to build it on the existing site as it is near to the generators/solar system and the containers that store supplies. Anita is very happy with this decision.

Anita has booked to go out in January and is looking forward to another productive year for the hospital.

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