May 8, 2014

The Musha Wevana team are as ready as they can be!

May 2014

9 One fitted and one part up

Today’s the day. The team are as ready as they can be.

The work on site with the geysers has been completed by the suppliers and I have been told that the pipework from the roof has been left for their connection.

The inserts for the 22mm PEX pipe have been located in South Africa and hopefully collected by a relative of one of the team. They should arrive with him as he has gone to see his mother before joining everyone tomorrow in Harare.

As all of the water now will come from a borehole we have decided to install a filter to the supply to the tank. We are taking this with us together with the thermostatic mixing valves and other bits and pieces and hoping immigration are not too inquisitive.

Unfortunately, my wife is no longer able to go with the team, so we are down to 6.

I hopes to get internet access while we are there and if so, will keep you posted.

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