Working in this heat is not good

Wednesday 16th April

First day to start work, plenty of driving around sorting out materials and meeting builder Stafford, who is helping us.

All locals are excited about the work which is going to start.

Several are helping with the donkey work, digging out the holes for the footings once George and I have marked them out.

Cutting the steel rebar for the concrete took most of the afternoon, but once me and George got into a routine it was like an oiled machine.

We also met Ensuravol who was also going to help out and he took over the digging duties whilst we cut the steel.

Working in this heat is not good and now we were looking for shelter and a cold drink of water.

During the morning we also called at the feeding programme where all children get a full meal which for most the only thing they will get at all.

This was hard at first for me to see but once I saw the kids happy and tucking into this food I was fine.

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