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“Our final day – key highlights”

“It took a while to get used to the time difference in The Gambia. We experienced ‘Gambian Maybe Time’ on several occasions during our stay – “we leave at 9.30am prompt” – actually means 11.03 – we WILL come back a lot more patient!!!! We were given the VIP treatment in the purpose built directors […]

Angy Irvin, Oxford Energy Academy

“The BPEC team are friendly and helpful and it is always possible to speak directly to the person you require. Their website is easy to use and they have a good assessment process. All in all BPEC well deserve their excellent reputation within the industry.”

“We have moved back to the capital now”

“We have moved back to the capital now (Banjul), and one of our last jobs was to oversee the purchase of new tools and equipment for the maintenance team. This is part of BPEC’s Legacy Funding support to the hospital which not only boosts staff morale, but will enable essential works to be carried out […]

BPEC New Brochure Images

BPEC are designing a new brochure and would like to include images from our colleges and centres. If you can provide any images of trainees/engineers working in a controlled environment that would be great. Areas to cover are Plumbing, Gas, Oil and Renewables. Please send all images to Thank you in advance.

“This is really pushing the boundaries”

“Bansang Hospital are really proud to add the first woman to their Maintenance team. This is really pushing the boundaries and is setting the standard for others to follow their example. Fatoumatah is training to be an electrician and is becoming an integral part of the team. We were able to fit in a visit […]

“Fast food outlets are quite different in The Gambia”

“KFC Gambia style – fast food outlets are quite different in The Gambia – they tend to cut out the middle man. We have seen many locals bringing home the still live chicken ready for their evening meal. The Road to Paradise – Mark informs me that some improvements have been made since they visited […]

“A great initiative”

“We were able to inspect the trade aid boxes donated to the hospital from the Grantham and Kettering Rotary Club. This has provided some vital tools for the maintenance team. A great initiative, which is worth exploring further by the BPEC Charity. Bike riding in the dark – It’s a couple of miles to the […]

“The language barrier was interesting”

“Alikum (or Hello in Mandika), We had a brilliant interactive meeting / workshop with the whole of the maintenance team. The language barrier was interesting (not everyone understood Scouse), but we managed to get an interpreter for Mark. For waati konteng (goodbye).”

“Staying by the river can be very picturesque”

“Early start at Bansang. Being woken up for prayers at 05.30am every morning can be frustrating, however the compensation is the beautiful view of the sun rising at dawn. Staying by the river can be very picturesque, however it is shared by quite a few animals. Seeing this family of hippos put us off our […]

“A lot of improvements have been made”

“After our warm welcome we were given a tour of the hospital. A lot of improvements have been made. The maintenance block has been fully completed and lots of shelving installed – we just need to go shopping to buy some new materials to fill them up. Leaks galore and to use Marks technical term […]

“It took almost 6 hours to get to Bansang”

“It took almost 6 hours to get to Bansang from the capital (Banjul). Some of the roads are nice and flat, but others take the term off road driving to the limit. Mark & I took it in turns to enjoy the ride in the back of the pick-up!”

“What a welcome!”

“What a welcome. As we approached Bansang the whole village came out to meet us. Really overwhelming and very humbling to experience the wonderful welcome we received – Mark even got to show off his dancing skills!”