Entry Guidance and Stages

Our entry stage for 2023 has now closed but take a look at what happens throughout the year…

SkillPLUMB is open to apprentices and Level 2 or 3 plumbing students (year two or above students are ideal). Here’s an overview of what happens at each stage of the competition:

1 – Pre-Competition

The first step is to think about which learners or apprentices have the most potential – you can use our Talent Spotting Checklist to look at what a competitor needs to succeed, and carry out our in-house Pre-Competition Training Activity to test who has what it takes – both of these can be found in our Resources section.

2- Registration

Registration each year takes place via WorldSkills UK, around February / March time.

3- Entry Stage

All registered competitors are sent details of the entry stage. It is a practical task that needs to be completed at a college or training provider venue in a controlled environment.

Tutors should assess the task and candidates should not be able to see the task until the day of assessment.

The entry stage task scores and evidence must be completed and returned for moderation by SkillPLUMB and WorldSkills UK.

Please note: the maximum number of competitors that could progress from the entry stage to the qualifying heats from one (local) organisation is three.

4 – National Qualifier Stage: May – June

The successful competitors from the entry stage are invited to participate at one of the UK-wide qualifying heats.

Our Events page lists the qualifying heats that took place around the UK this year.

Those competitors who take part in a qualifying heat can prepare by carrying out the Qualifying Heat Training Activity on our Resources page.

5 – UK Final: 15/16 November, Manchester

WorldSkills UK announces the competitors who scored most highly across all UK heats combined, these competitors are invited to compete in the SkillPLUMB UK Final, which this year takes place on the 15th & 16th November at Oldham College. Alongside SkillPLUMB, around 50 other WorldSkills national competition finals will be taking place that week across nine venues around Greater Manchester.