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The men worked willingly right through lunch

Thursday 8th January I woke early to pray for help, I walked to the top of the hill, and prayed again for help, knowing I can stay another 2 days max. Though without the mixer we would never get the base complete, or a good mix either. I took another look at the wires, and […]

Tomorrow we come back down to reality

Life Award 2013 22nd January 2014 The travel into Banjul was surprisingly un-modernised with street sellers on most corners and lots of security visible. We are met at the offices of the Honorable Minister for Health and each introduced to him and his Principal Private Secretary. They expressed their gratitude for everything BPEC are doing […]

Gambia very hot and sunny

2013 Life Award 21st January 2014 Gatwick cold and foggy – we begin our adventure to Bansang Hospital. The team consists of Dave Pollard, Mark Antrobus and Watson Carlill. Watson and Mark were told off for joining wrong queue. The queue they attempted to join was only for people that have spent £10,000/annum with Monarch. […]

The mixer had ceased solid

Tuesday 7th January The remaining material was taken up the hill at a struggle as it had heavily rained the night before. More shells were being used than should have been for the road, so I put out an urgent call to the Rama people to get 100 more sacks of shells. By using more […]

World Plumbing Day Twitter Challenge

It is just over a month to World Plumbing Day, March 11, every year, everywhere, and we want all our Members and their Members and staff on board supporting this day around the World. A great way of doing this is to get involved with Twitter, and let’s see how many followers we can build […]

We were now struggling for time

New Year The next few days were to be rest days, though we only took 1 day, and then continued with the work, as there was much to do. I had to alter some pipework at the water tank that serves the existing property. This would enable me to pump water to the new water […]

A Christmas with a real difference

Christmas 2013 Christmas Day – a time to relax and spend with the family, but this year was different. On Christmas Eve me (Santa) and my helpers stayed awake until the early hours, wrapping presents, blowing up balloons and preparing food for a lunch. We made it as fun as we could, wearing Santa hats, […]

We are welcomed with smiles and expressions of gratitude!

Life Award 2013 Myself, Mark and Watson were up at 05:30am (21/01/14) to travel to a very cold and foggy Gatwick airport for their flight to Gambia. When we arrive Mark and Watson are told off for joining the wrong check-in queue despite all the signs stating Monarch check-in – All destinations. A rather abusive […]

BPEC Team fly out to visit The Bansang Hospital

Life Award 2013 BPEC’s Dave Pollard is today flying out to visit Anita Smith, winner of the 2013 Life Award, at The Bansang Hospital in The Gambia. Dave is one of a team of three volunteers heading out from the UK to offer their expertise. He will be joined by Mark Antrobus and Watson Carlill, two of […]

The outboard motor came loose and fell into the sea!

December 2013 Returning to Bluefields for more material, turned out a bigger task than expected. The merchants where I had ordered and paid for all of the sand and cement, did not receive the sand. They offered to sell us other sand that was more expensive. With our budget stretching already on materials, I then […]

New BPEC Website

Welcome to the new BPEC website which; as well as having a fresh new look, allows you to view samples of our training manuals via page turning technology, has an enhanced qualification section and also has greater detail of the projects supported by the BPEC Charity and the application process to be considered for the […]

Gas Safe Register issues a technical bulletin regarding the dangers of Asbestos

Gas Safe Register have issued a technical bulletin concerning the dangers of Asbestos which can be downloaded by businesses who are registered with Gas Safe via: For more information on the dangers of Asbestos why not visit the BPEC Asbestos Awareness App and Video via: